refrigerator cleaning tips

Best 10 Refrigerator Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Best 10 Refrigerator Cleaning Tips and Tricks

How can you clean the Refrigerators used in your house? It can make the refrigerator useful for a long time. Today (Refrigerator Cleaning Tips)we will learn tips and tricks to clean some refrigerators. Now, without any delay, let’s talk about our today’s issue.

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1.Refrigerator Cleaning Tips and Trick at Home.
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Refrigerator cleaning Tips

Refrigerator Cleaning Tips and Tricks:-

1. First, take out the vegetable and food items kept in the refrigerator.

2. Now take out the basket in which the vegetables were kept and racks are made in the door of the refrigerator.

3. Soak a clean cloth and clean it inside the fridge.

4. After cleaning with a wet cloth, wipe the water inside with a dry cloth.

5. There will be some stains that will not go with water, then you have to mix baking soda in lemon juice and make a solution by adding water and clean the stains inside the fridge, the stains will go away easily.

6. Now clean the basket and door rack which you have left out with a brush.

7. Now let’s start cleaning the outside of the refrigerator.

8. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can clean the dust behind the fridge with it.

9. If you do not have any equipment, then you can clean the dust in it with a cloth.

10. When you put vegetable baskets and racks back, make sure that they have dried well. Only then do not apply them, then when you place the items in it, then the stains will become.

With these(Refrigerator Cleaning Tips) types of tips and tricks, you can clean your refrigerator very easily home.
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